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Do you want to start your own business, embark on entrepreneurship, and are looking for an idea, for an original, creative,

innovative, profitable, ethical, ever-evolving, and innovative venture?  


A TAYGRA franchise is what you need!



TAYGRA is a secure and rapidly growing value in both the national and international markets. The brand represents a new way of doing business, combining fair trade, respect for workers, consumers, and the environment.


The principles of the "Fair Franchise" include:


  1. No upfront franchise fee.
  2. No royalties or sales commissions.
  3. Ability to order products outside of closed ranges, and access exclusive collections/designs.
  4. A minimum order of 1000 pairs for opening a small store to offer choice and consistency.
  5. No minimum pairs required for restocking (only 50 pairs to cover shipping costs).
  6. Limited number of stores per location and territorial exclusivity.
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TAYGRA innovates through its artisanal production and ethical partnerships, aiming to create environmentally and ideologically sound shoes that run counter to the exclusively capitalist norm. TAYGRA addresses issues such as globalization, global warming, alternative production, cooperation with artisans, and small-scale rural producers, demonstrating that simple steps can be taken to do our part.To promote our message, products, and brand, we have decided to create the "Fair Franchise," aligned with our business philosophy. It allows franchisees to establish their stores with their added value. Each store is significantly different from the others, while still sharing the brand's common fundamentals, decoration, marketing, pricing, advertising, stickers, and more. Each store has its personal touch, making each one unique and exclusive, with its own collection. Customers enter the TAYGRA universe without seeing the same thing in every brand store! Each one has its distinct style, creativity, and fashion tailored closely to its customers' needs. TAYGRA stores are not monotonous; they carry the scents of the Amazon, the beaches of the Northeast, and the coffee of Minas Gerais


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Don't think twice; invest in fair trade and eco-friendliness. Be a pioneer and seize this opportunity with the best terms while there is availability in your city! For more details about our franchises, please contact us via email, WhatsApp, or through the contact form on the "Contact" page