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TAYGRA practices a responsible and fair industrial and commercial policy.

The production of TAYGRA® brand products is almost entirely HANDMADE (70% handmade, 30% assisted by machines), and the annual production volume is limited for these reasons.

Out of ethics and a desire to maintain consistent quality, production is 100% Brazilian, with no outsourcing, carried out with love and professionalism by specialized labor. There is no price negotiation with the various artisans and brand partners; we practice FAIR TRADE.

TAYGRA uses VEGAN materials and those sourced from industrial recovery, and the scraps are also recycled by industrial waste pickers. Beyond contributing to city cleanliness, these workers earn a decent wage from their activity, promoting social progress. These leftovers are then transformed into soles, pillow stuffing, mattresses, or stuffed animals... nothing goes to waste!

We use water-based adhesives that are non-toxic to humans and the environment. Although they take longer to dry, they are seldom utilized by the industry due to lower profitability.

TAYGRA offers telecommuting opportunities for many of its partners, improving the daily lives and quality of life of workers. Ultimately, directly or indirectly, TAYGRA provides employment for 30 to 50 families.

The environment is everyone's responsibility, and TAYGRA has always been conscious and attentive to this issue, even in a time when it was not yet a commercial argument or a trend. Thus, considering our production and marketing policy, we can assert without contradiction that TAYGRA offers "ECOLOGICALLY CORRECT" footwear.


Innovations and Reduction of Environmental Impact

TAYGRA launched an ecologically correct anatomical insole made of latex gel in 2012, 100% recyclable with orthopedic memory, free of glue and chemicals.

Our cardboard packaging is recycled, and we provide a stylish TNT sports bag as a gift for each pair of shoes, which customers can keep for long-term use.

Another original and ecological gift is a seeded paper that summarizes the work of the TAYGRA brand, containing approximately a dozen seeds (usually basil or dwarf carnation), encouraging planting and respect for nature.

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Pioneers and visionaries, TAYGRA launched the "Forest Fabric" in its shoes in 2009, a Vegetable Leather from Amazonian extractive reserves, contributing to improving the livelihoods of rubber tappers. Their presence in the reserves is essential as it prevents the destruction of the forest by logging companies. An interesting material that we maintained for 10 years in exclusive productions. Due to inconsistencies in the obtained colors, TAYGRA sought other alternatives.

This included naturally colored organic cotton from the Northeast, which was discontinued due to inconsistent raw material supply after producing limited collections.

Finally, in 2015, TAYGRA adopted the use of recycled truck canvas, naturally aged cotton, waterproof, and highly durable. Faced with such an enticing material, we launched a complete range of weather-resistant luggage, bags, and clothing using the same material.


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Reforestation CURUPIRA


TAYGRA launched and made possible the environmental project "CURUPIRA" in collaboration with SIMPI (Small and Micro Industry Union) to reforest areas currently only occupied by pastures and fallow land on the land of small farmers. The goal is to plant trees and compensate small farmers for tending to these plantations, educating them, and showing everyone that keeping a tree standing is more profitable for all than deforestation for intensive agriculture or livestock farming. This action preserves the forest, assists struggling small farmers, promises them a very comfortable future, and can, in the long term, reverse the planned destruction of the Amazon rainforest.


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Thus, in November 2009, 5280 trees were planted, with a monthly salary of 250 EUR for 25 years paid to the first small farmer to join this project. It served as a showcase to demonstrate to potential investors that transforming pasture and scrubland into a forest can be economically viable and environmentally friendly: it preserves the environment, combats climate change, and gradually reintroduces native wildlife to this area. The Amazon rainforest is a world heritage site, and we must act to preserve it. TAYGRA dedicates approximately 1 euro per pair of sneakers sold to support CURUPIRA and, if possible, increase forest regeneration in the near future, raising awareness among buyers through "active ecological participation" in the purchase price.


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